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Member Show April 4-April 28  Reception Thursday April 27, 6pm
Judge Marshall Harris
Best of Show – Marilyn Key “Cautious Advance”
1st.  Carrol Richardson “Blossoms and Apples”
2nd  Jerry Shidal “FW Livestock Exchange”
3rd  Colleen Erickson “Are Brother Ryder”  (Ill take pictures tomorrow and send them to you.
HM  Debra Sue Waters “Old Ford Truck”
Pamela Steege “Waves”
Marilyn Key “Coastal Waters”

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March 2017 Artists of the Month

Weatherford Art Association is proud to announce the Artists of the Month for March, 2017.

They are:

1.  Johnny Hogue with Smiling Boy $1200. On display at the Doss

Displaying image1.JPG
2. Kathleen cunning with White River NH $325 at first national bank

Displaying image2.JPG
3. Julie Goode with Nebulla $200 at FW community credit union

Displaying image3.JPG

Congratulations to each of you for your beautiful works.

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WAA 2017 Student Art Show Winners

2017 Student Art Show Winners

The annual Student Art Show was held at the Doss Heritage Center during the month of March as part of the national March Youth Art Month celebration.  All Parker County schools were invited to participate and over 216 entries were submitted to this show.  This show is sponsored by the Weatherford Art Association as part of their commitment to enrich the lives of Parker County residents through art shows and service projects for the community.

Art 1 grades 7-8, 1.Mary Karen O’Neil –  “Pumpkin Still Life”,  Tison , teacher Danny Golightly, 2. Lily Hamilton – “Heart”, Hall, teacher Sharon Winters, 3. Isabella Vandygriff – “The Cake”, Tison, teacher Danny Golightly.

Gifted and Talented. 1. Leia Woods – “Horse”, Bill Wright, teacher Carla Cheshire, 2. Benjamin Bernard – “Tree”, Ikard, teacher Kelsey Graham, 3. Ryder Loftin – “Pokemon Ball”, Mary Martin, teacher Kelsey Graham.

Sculpture. 1. Emilee Popeck – “Stripes”, Brock, teacher Sue Brunner. 2. Lexi Horner – “Tin Man”, Poolville, teacher Stephen Stegall, 3. Windham – “Its Not What It Seems To Be”, Millsap, teacher Randi Ledgewood

Art 1 grades 9-12. 1. Morgan Clapp – “Monsters”, Brock, teacher Sue Brunner, 2. Dalila Capaldo – “Butterfly”, Millsap, teacher Randi Ledgewood. 3. Linze Carwile – “Lion”, Poolville, teacher Stephen Stegall.

Art II. 1. Bri Taylor – “Ache”, WHS, teacher Melanie Overholt, 2. Bri Taylor – “Iceberg”, WHS, teacher Melanie Overholt, 3. Saylor Legate – “Self Portrait”, WHS 9GC, teacher Paula Ard.

Art 3-4, 1. Rileigh Simmons – “Ostium”, WHS, teacher Melanie Overholt, 2. Sandy Kehrman – “Ideas”, WHS, teacher Melanie Overholt, 3. Austin Pitts – “Duke”, Brock, teacher Sue Brunner. 

Photography. 1. Bayleigh McIntire “ Angelina”, WHS 9GC, teacher Natalie Ramsey, 2. Cameron Bolling “Nightmare”, WHS, teacher Diane Bolinger, 3. Jacob Broome “Artichoke”, WHS, teacher Diane Bolinger.

Advanced Placement, 1. Luz Martinez – “Chicken Coop”, WHS, teacher Diane Bolinger, 2. Angela Casarez – “Slimy Scaly”, Millsap, teacher Randi Ledgewood, 3. Colby Stier – “Squatching Ain’t Easy”, Millsap, teacher Randi Ledgewood.

Best of Show, Korleyan Khem – “Rustic Elegance”, WHS, teacher Diane Bolinger.  WAA would like to thank the schools, the art teachers, the students and contributing sponsors of this show: Willow Draw Farms, Turning Point Farms, Teskey’s, Clayton Mountain Art Fest, Albertsons, Brookshire’s and Wal-Mart of Weatherford.


Korleyan Khem, Rustic Elegance. Best of Show

Displaying 2017 student bos.jpeg

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2017 Peach Festival Art Show

Awards Ceremony

Saturday, July 8, 2017 3pm

SHOW DATE:  Sat. July 8, 2017  – Weatherford City Hall, 303 Palo Pinto St. 8AM-4pm
Judge Doug Prine

Registration                                                                   Pick up Artwork

Friday, July 7 10am-2pm                           ALL work must be picked up at City Hall

Cherry Park Comm. Center                               after the 3pm ceremony

313 So. Davis St.                                              Please read the Fine Print.

Weatherford, TX

Limit: three entries per artist



Oil/ acrylic (works on canvas                  

Watercolor (works on paper)

Graphic (pencil, color pencil, pastel,  Scratch art, pen/ink)

Experimental/Mixed Media

Photography    (digital and manipulation)

3-Dimensional (sculpture, ceramics  (artists must provide pedestals for display)

Students (grades K-12)




Artwork previously entered in WAA Peach Festival Art Show are ineligible.  All works must be original and created in the last 3 years.

WAA reserves the right to refuse any work deemed unsuitable.

There will be a 20% commission to WAA an all artwork sold. All works  in the adult category MUST be for sale and remain so for the duration of the show. Max image size 36”x48” including frame. Max weight 35#.

Adult entries must have screw eyes and wires.  Student entries must have a rigid backing for hanging.

Registration and entry form. 2017 WAA Peach Festival Art Show & Sale


Name _____________________________ email___________________________ phone____________

Address _________________________ City _______________ State __________Zip ______________

Title                                                                 Category                      Dimensions     Price    Entry#




  1. The Fine Print:  Weatherford Art Association, the Weatherford City Hall, nor its members shall not be held liable for loss or damage to any work of art exhibited.  Entrant is responsible for insurance.  In addition to entry fees, if a work sells during the show, WAA will receive a 20% commission of the selling price.  WAA reserves the right of approval for any entries in the show.  WAA reserves the right to photograph artwork and use artist or entry information for publicity purposes.  In addition, the entrant understands that all artwork left over 30 days following the end of the show becomes the property of WAA and will be sold to assist funding projects.


Artist Signature ________________________________________

Entry Fees:  WAA members $20 per entry  /Non Members $25 per entry/ Students $5 per entry


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2017 WAA Art Camp


Objective:  to offer art lessons for elementary students in grades K-6th  during the summer months as part of the Weatherford Art association outreach to the community program.

WHO:  classes will be a mix of student’s ages 6-9 and ages 10-12 with 10 students per class.

WHEN: classes will be offered 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Classes will be 3 hours each day, 9am to 12 noon.  About 90 minutes into the class, students will break for refreshments.

WHAT:  art lessons will be fun activities, lessons determined in advance by the volunteer teacher.  Each day will have a take home project.

WHERE: Cherry Park Community Center, 313 So. Davis St, Weatherford, TX

COST:  Classes will be $25 per week. This includes all materials and snacks.  Parents registering more than one sibling per week will qualify for a price reduction in tuition of $20 per child.



Select the desired week for your child.  Fill out the form and mail with a check payable to WAA to WAA, P.O. Box 2721, Weatherford, TX 76086.


July 3-5-7         July 10-12-14    July 31, August 2-4    August 7-9-11


Childs name _____________________________            age 6-9_______     10-12________


Parent name ___________________________ phone ________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________________________


Email address ___________________________________________________


Does your child have any allergies?  Yes _______ what? __________________ No ________


Do you give permission for WAA to use photos of your child for press releases? Yes________ No __________


Who will be picking up your child at 12 noon? ____________________________________


Parent Signature______________________________________________________________________


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WAA/Doss Heritage Parker County Student Art Show 2017


Area secondary art students in Parker County will have the opportunity to show their artworks at the Doss Heritage Museum in Weatherford, TX in partnership with the Weatherford Art Association.


Show Dates – March 7 – March 24, 2017



All entries must be delivered to the Doss Heritage Museum loading dock on Tuesday, February 28 between 3- 6pm or on Wednesday, March 1 between 3-6pm.  Entries are limited to 3 per artist with a cost of $1 per entry.

All works must be ready to hang with Velcro or wires, NO SAWTOOTH hangers.

All works must be originals and created within the current school year.

Works may be for sale with 20% commission to WAA.

WAA and the Doss Heritage reserve the right to qualify or disqualify any entry.

Entries acceptable may be photographs, paintings or drawings and 3-D.

Reception and ribbons/cash awards will be on Friday March 24 at the Doss Heritage Museum from 5-7pm.

Awards will consist of the following categories:

7-8 – Art 1

9-12 – Art 1

Art 2

Art 3-4

Ceramics/sculpture all levels


Advanced Placement

Gifted and Talented Program


All artworks will be handled with professional care.  WAA nor the Doss Heritage Museum will be held responsible for any damage to the art during this show.

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WAA Membership Show 2017


Weatherford Art Association Membership Show at the Doss Heritage Center will be held on April 4-28.



All entries will be delivered to the Doss Heritage loading dock Tuesday, March 28 from 10-1pm or on Wednesday, March 29 from 2-5pm.

Entries are limited to three per member.

All works must be wired and ready to hang. No sawtooth hangers.

All works must be originals and not shown in a previous WAA Membership Show.

Works may be for sale with 20% commission to WAA.

WAA and the Doss reserve the right to qualify or disqualify any artwork.

Cost is $10 per entry.

Reception/cash awards will be Thursday April 27 at the Doss Heritage Center.


All artworks will be handled with professional care.  Neither WAA nor the Doss Heritage Museum will be held responsible for any damage to the art during the show.

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